Saturday, July 21, 2012

So Many New Things

Hello my dear readers, how are you doing? :-) 

I've been quite busy lately. With my job where I also work night shifts and also with working at home. We've been doing lots of cleaning lately because of a reconstruction of our bathroom. The last weeks were awful. I really hated being woken up by terrible noise of a drill coming right from the room next to mine. And don't get me started about not being able to use the bathroom for the whole three weeks. 
Haha :-)
But the bathroom's done and here you can see an instagram picture of a small part of it :)

I got some money that I earned in June but I spent it all on the enrollment day at the university. I went to Hradec Kralove, the city where I'm going to study pharmacy starting October, and I bought some books and ran several errands. But I already have my transportation matters somehow solved, I have a student card issued, a dormitory application sent etc. I managed to do everything that could be done at the moment so I am glad. :-)

Since the last time I posted I bought/got many lovely things that I'll be using for baking :-) And I'd like to share my happiness with you. 

Look! I finally have the so desired food dyes from Wilton, only 3 little bottles but one costs more than I earn per hour, so... Violet, Pink and Kelly Green they are :-)
A new decorating tip that I'll hopefully be using soon. A pack of almonds that I'll use for baking macarons, the ones that are on the lovely pink notebook ;-) And a piece of marzipan

Then some cute cupcake paper cups and a bottle of little gold and white balls.  

500 g of strawberry shavings that Peter got for me.  Soooo delicious!!!
I can't wait to use it soon on my cupcakes :-)

Meringue Powder :-) 
I am going to make some marshmallow fluff for Peter and with using meringue powder he'll be able to store it for long time. 

A cake cooling tray

And the last thing is like the most amazing thing ever. :-D A cupcake tin and storer! I needed this in my life because I'd always had troubles storing my cupcakes.  Peter, thank you <3 ! I can even put some heavy frosted cupcakes there. It has much space :-) 

 And the last pictures are a short preview of a soon-to-be-posted recipe for lavender cupcakes.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day :-)


  1. I'm glad you're happy with the new things! :) I'm really looking forward to your baking :-* The lavender cupcakes were awesome and yummy :)

  2. I want to trade places with Peter so I can try your delicious cupcakes!! Every thing you post looks so pretty and delicious. Like art in the form of cupcakes. And congrats on getting everything figured out for school. It's going to be so exciting come October! <3


  3. All the best to you in university!!! I love the sight of macaroons, they're so pretty and delicate, although I never tried them before.

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