Friday, October 12, 2012

Long Time No See

My lovely readers, if there are still any, long time no see!

How are you doing? What's new in your life? I can't remember the last time I posted, nor do I remember the last time I baked. That's sad, my dear deer. I was even thinking about quitting blogging as I won't have much time to post but Peter told me not to do it. And you have to obey your fiancé, right... Oh, yes, I will tell you more :-)

I spent my summer vacation working, I've just counted that I spent 520 hours at work so far. That's a lot of time. Besides being at work, I spent time with Peter, reconnected with some friends from past, went out several times etc.

We, Peter and I, managed to find some time just for ourselves and we spent the loveliest vacation together in Valtice, a town on the Austrian border with the Czech Republic. The first day of our vacation we spent in Valtice, visiting the castle, eating out, visiting the garden surrounding the castle at night. On the second day, we headed to Vienna, one of the prettiest places I ever visited. We simply LOVED the city. And the last day we spent in Lednice, another Czech town, and we visited the splendid castle of the same name. I'll make sure to show you lots of pictures!

Here's a preview of Lednice Castle:

And what's going on in my life nowadays? I am finally attending the uni. I spent there 7 days so far :D But I've already had all the subjects (10). I am lucky enough to have the best schedule out of the whole uni, I guess. I have no classes on Fridays! And the same applies to every second Thursday. I couldn't be luckier. ((Ok, 12 hours of classes in a row isn't the best, but still. I can go back to Prague early in the week))

I sat a test from physics. At the first class of the semester. But I passed it!! :D I was so happy :))

And now I am hungry. I'm going to eat my breakfast :-)
So my dear readers, have a lovely day and I'll try to talk to you soon ;-) ! 

Here you have Peter having breakfast in the garden of our vacation apartment. 
I so want to go back there :-)


  1. You don't have to obey your fiancé! :-) He's no authoritarian monarch :D

  2. Fiance???? You must explain!! :D The photo of you in front of the castle is so gorgeous! My husband and I were just joking earlier today that we want to move to Europe and live in a castle. I bet it is so magnificent to be surrounded by such history. It doesn't even compare to the US. Glad you had a great vacation and congrats on passing your first college test! I want to see your dorm room! :) <3


  3. No, please don't give up blogging. I would miss you Molly. Hope you're doing well <3