Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello everyone,

Happy Valentine's Day :-) !

Today I came home from my dorms and because I spent the last 11 weeks studying and taking my finals, I decided to finally relax and bake. The picture up is a cupcake for Peter :-) 

I was supposed to take my last (6th) exam tomorrow but they offered another exam date in March so I've signed for it and decided to relax. I am spending the whole weekend at work, on Monday getting up before 5 to go to Hradec Kralove where my school is located and I'm sitting yet another exam (not final one) from English. If I was to take the exam tomorrow, I'd sure be exhausted and I would have no time for studying English and writing an essay. Moreover, so far I managed to get all As as I was studying really hard. So I started playing with the thought there might be a possibility of getting a scholarship. Another more reason for taking it in March, right. Just to raise my chances ;))

I am going to bed now, I just wanted to drop you hi and tell you that I'm still alive and ready to eat more -cup-cakes.


  1. So glad school is going well for you! That's nice that you can take an exam at a later date! More time to study and be prepared. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day with Peter! <3


  2. The cupcakes were delicious as always and so gorgeous! :) I enjoyed them to the last bite. I wish you all the best for the remaining exams!